7. A ★★★½ review of The Last Duel (2021)


“You are risking my life so you can fight your enemy and save your pride.”

This film was one of my most anticipated of 2021 and I tried to avoid, at all costs, the reviews and Ridley Scott’s rant of blaming millennials for the film not doing so well in theaters. I’ll be 100% honest, I watched this exclusively for Jodie Comer, a master of her craft and a legend in the making. But I actually ending up really enjoying the film for some of the very reasons other people find an issue with it.

This film is timely. I know everyone is saying that (whether they like it or not) but it’s true. The dire consequences of not believing in women when they come forward is still a lesson that we as a society have yet to learn from. Women everyday struggle with this type of treatment: maybe not always to the degree of the threat of being shackled and burned alive, but a threat, nevertheless, still looms. The importance of this film and the fact that its layers reflect a 21st century society while still holding onto its 14th century setting is important and impressive. I applaud it in that sense.

Cinematically, Jodie carried this. There’s no doubt about it. I do agree with others that by the time we really get to see Jodie shine, the script falls off the wagon a bit. But, man…her facial expressions alone allowed her to carry this film on her back. She’s brilliant. The script falls flat in a few parts but it almost always picks itself back up. I was actually surprised by how much I liked Matt Damon’s performance, I’ll be blunt. Harriet Walter and Jodie Comer sharing scenes again ( Killing Eve’ s impact!). Also, the costume design was to die for and the production design was out of the park.

At the end of the day, I appreciate the fact that this film exists and I enjoyed it.

Jodie Comer, you will always be famous (and I love you).

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