2022: The Year of The 100 Films Project

A project by me!

It’s a new year and I figured instead of trying to stick with my usual unrealistic resolutions, I figured that I’d try to do something that I’d actually enjoy. I was scrolling through my watchlist on letterboxd on on New Year’s Day and the idea hit me: why not challenge myself to a 100-movie project? I have 422 films on my watchlist (as of 1/29/22)* and I want to (actually) attempt to lessen this number.

*I’ll update this number and date regularly through this process.

The next question is: what makes one movie more coveted than another? How can you pick just 100 films out of 400+? Well, here are my requirements for a film to make this list:

  1. The film must be on my watchlist (duh).
  2. The film must be available on a streaming platform (and as a Gen Z’er with hopes of being a screenwriter, I have just about every platform known to man).
  3. The film should be listed on Letterboxd (this one I’m more lenient about).

That’s actually pretty much it! Not a super tough list to fall under! I have a TON of films on my watchlist from all diverse backgrounds (genre, length, topic, year, etc…) so this should be fun. I already know that I’ll be adding movies to my watchlist as we go, and some new additions to the list may be watched immediately before films that have been listed forever. But I can’t help it: if a movie speaks to me in the moment, I must listen! Also by this logic, who knows if the number of films on my list will actually decrease. I guess time will tell.

Anyway, this is a huge challenge because I have feared climbing the mountain that is my watchlist but this year, I’m finally going to do it! So, follow me along this journey and read my reviews! As of now, I will try to post a review everyday at 12:00pm (noon) NYC time. I promise you that this won’t always happen but for now, I think I can do it.

So follow me along this journey to the center of my monstrous watchlist.



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I write about films, media, and tunes on a personal level in order to show the humanity behind characters and narratives written for our eyes and ears.