2. A ★★★ review of Don’t Look Up (2021)


“I wish you a very pleasant..end of times.”

I understand the long think pieces on this film but honestly, I think the sheer existence of the quarreling is exactly the point we’re missing. We are screwed as a planet, and all we can do is watch movies and tweet about them (among other things).

With that being said, I thought this movie had some really well done comedic elements. I 100% think this is how society would act if this situation were real. I mean…almost a million people have died of covid and hundreds have died from things like police brutality and there are people still not believing science, using death as a way to make money (there is literally a George Floyd nft that exists), and are living life like “normal.” So maybe this situation is kinda real…we are doing exactly what the film is saying we’d do, it’s kind of mind-blowing and in my opinion, makes it a spot-on movie.

And with THAT being said, Timmy as an evangelical radicalist is kinda…hot? And justice for kate! And I see Marvel hasn’t successfully gate-kept post credit scenes…good for us!

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